MFJ-4403 Transceiver Voltage Conditioner

125.00 buyer pays shipping.

Manual and one set of Anderson Power Poles provided.


The MFJ-4403 Transceiver Voltage Conditioner was designed for the ultimate

transceiver protection from even non-ideal voltage sources, which can cause major

damage to radios and other equipment. This makes the MFJ-4403 particularly valuable

for DXpeditions, mobile and portable operation. And even in the home, the MFJ-4403

provides protection from any potential power supply problems due to transients and noise

induced on your transceiver’s DC input by any AC or RF anomalies. With this in mind

the MFJ-4403 provides the following protection to your equipment:

REVERSE POLARITY PROTECTION – If you accidentally reverse your input

voltage connection, the bright red REVERSE POLARITY LED will alert you to this fact.

And even if the MFJ-4403 is on during this condition, no damage will occur to the MFJ-

4403 or your equipment!

TRANSIENT SUPRESSION – Heavy duty transient suppressor clamps input transients

to 15 volts and handles over 200 amps peak current to protect your equipment from

vehicle start-up voltage spikes, and poorly regulated power supply transients.

SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION – Input and output fuses instantly protect you from

short circuit conditions. Automotive Blade fuses are utilized for easy replacement.

NOISE AND RIPPLE FILTERING – A capacitor bank consisting of over 4 Farads of

ultra high-value capacitors filter off virtually all power supply noise and ripple. This

capacitor bank provides enough power supply buffering that even under-rated and

marginal power supplies and wiring can run your HF transceiver. You can even run a

full 100 watt SSB transceiver from your automotive cigarette lighter (accessory) socket

for temporary mobile applications.Protects against reverse voltage, over-voltage, voltage transient, and short circuits.  Super noise and ripple filtering … Power supply buffering … Lets you run 100 watt SSB from your cigarette lighter socket

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