I have a VERY LARGE 40+ year collection of mainly aluminium materials:

  • tubing from ~1/4″ to 1″+ of that ‘special’ DIA & thickness required for joining vertical sections & yagi elements, etc.
  • 2″ DIA thin-wall tube as used in standard HF booms [up to 30′ lengths]
  • heavy-walled pipe from ~1″ to 2″ for masts [up to 20′ lengths available — some new]
  • ‘unobtainium’ element-to-boom, boom-to-mast & other antenna fittings
  • UHF/VHF/HF yagi, vertical, delta, quad, parabolic & other ‘esoteric’ antennas — some ~ready as is, others suitable for re-building

Cutting to length, specialist tools [on loan], ~expert advice & even aluminium ‘brightener’ available FREE w/ purchase!

ALL open to offers @ literally pennies-on-the-dollar — compared to the very few metal retailers locally — some even FREE….

But don’t delay, because I’m currently doing ‘triage’ & afterwards ~1/3 is going to the recyclers!

Include your phone no. for quicker reply.

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