YAESU announces new Dual Band (2m/70cm) FM Mobile Transceiver! FTM-6000E


– 50W transmitting power

– Reception range from 108 to 999.995 MHz –

New “E2O-III” user interface – Removable control panel AND

Yaesu new analog dual-band FM vehicle transceiver for the 144 and 430 MHz ranges.

High audio quality with its 3W output, detachable front panel from the radio body, optional Bluetooth unit (BU-4) for hands-free operation with the SSM-BT10 accessory headset. 

Simple and immediate user interface with some basic functions that can be recalled immediately using the function keys. 

Wide reception range including the AIR Band, 50W output power, 1,100 memories. 

Radio dimensions 139 x 42 x 132 mm., Front panel dimensions 140 x 40.5 x 35 mm., Weight about 1.1 Kg.


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