The AD-3446 is a new large, full-size antenna for 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters

The AD-3446 is a new large, full-size antenna for 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters. 4 efficient monobenders per 1 traverse: 3 elements per 40m with high Q inductors, 4 elements per 20 m, 4 widely spaced elements per 15 m and 6 elements per 10 m. The length of the traverse is 12 m.The AD-3446 is a Big Good Antenna for those who don’t agree to compromise. For those who want to be the most powerful signal on the band, whether it’s in a contest or a massive junkyard on a rare DX.
Clear radiation patterns on each of the four bands. Large gain, optimal F / B and F / S ratio.
Low VSWR across all bands.The 40m 3-element yagi has a span of about 15.5m and incorporates low-loss inductors, making the antenna nearly full size – with adequate efficiency. Power supply for 40 m is carried out via a separate coaxial cable 50 ohmFull-size HF elements and carefully selected optimum spacing ensure wide bandwidth and high efficiency. HF vibrators are connected by a rigid power line from pipes. The RF cell is powered by one 50 Ohm coaxial cable.It is recommended to connect the cables via the BU-3 balun (optional).The cost of delivering the antenna to large cities of Russia LLC First Forwarding Company will be about 1200 rubles.3 elements for 40m, 4 elements for 20m, 4 elements for 15m and 6 elements for 10m – on one traverse of 12 meters.The antenna is powered by two 50 ohm coaxial cables.Easy assembly and installation.Packing – three boxes of 2000x200x160mm size. Weight 67 kg.The scope of delivery includes a device for attaching the antenna to the mast, a T-shaped post with a traverse of a steel cable with six lanyards. The traverse cable is broken with ceramic insulators, which makes the traverse “invisible” for high frequency ranges.DATASHEET AD-3446
20fifteentenAmount of elements3
446Frequency band, MHz7.000-7.150
14.000-14.35021.000-21.45028.000-29.000VSWR in frequency bands1.7-1.1-1.91.3 – 1.05 – 1.31.4 – 1.01 – 1.51.4 – 1.0 – 1.5Gain @ 22m, dBi 11.714.915.415.8Net Gain vs dipole @ 22m dBd
Front to Back, dB17-25-1717-20-18
Traverse length, mm12000Max. element length, mm15540Rotation radius, mm9340Assembled weight, kg64
Antenna wind area, m 22.43Power CW max, kWfiveWithstands max. wind35 m / s (> 130 km / h)For rotation, a gearbox of the type AlfaSpid BIG-RAK

D16T alloy tube for antenna installation :                   NO                                   YES 50x2x2000 mm (+38,00 €)                                   YES 55х2х2000 mm (+42,00 €)                                   YES 60х2х2000 mm (+46,00 €)                                   YES 65х2х2000 mm (+47,00 €)                          
Mounting plate for mast diameter :                   50 mm                                   55 mm                                   60 mm                                    65 mm                          
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