WA3RNC TR-25 CW Transceiver Kit

Here is a compact but powerful 2-band CW transceiver kit that uses no tiny pushbuttons, and without those seemingly endless and hard-to-remember back menus. There is a knob or a switch for every function!

  • Size 5 ½ X 3 ¼ X 1 ½ less protrusions, weight 10.6 Oz
  • Full band coverage of 40 and 20 meters
  • About 10 watts output with a 14 volt power supply
  • 5 Watts minimum output with a 10 volt supply
  • 4 Watts output with an 9 volt supply
  • Optimized for operation from 3 series-connected 18650 Lithium cells
  • RIT tunes + and – 5KHz
  • Blue OLED display reads frequency to 10 Hz and RIT offset
  • Built in Iambic keyer is adjustable 5 to 35 WPM with front panel control
  • Separate jacks for straight key and paddles; Always ready for SKCC contacts
  • Operates on 9 to 14 volts, < 90ma receive, about 1 Amp Xmitt at 10 volts
  • Selectable tuning resolution steps of 10, 100, and 1000Hz
  • Low battery indicator with internal adjustment 9 to 12 volts
  • Front panel adjustable RF gain control
  • Front panel TX power control; Adjustable from 0 to 10 watts (@14V)
  • Rugged TO-220 FET RF amp can deliver 5 Watts key down for 5 minutes
  • Signal quality blue LED, RIT warning orange LED, Low battery red LED
  • More than enough audio to fill any room with an external speaker
  • Excellent receiver sensitivity with MDS of -132dBm (0.06 microvolt)
  • Very effective receive AGC prevents ear damage with strong signals
  • Transmitter harmonics and spurs -58dB, meets FCC specs
  • CW sidetone is the actual transmitter signal as heard by receiver
  • Match the received signal tone to the sidetone for perfect zero beating
  • Sharp IF filter; Better than 300 Hz at the -6dB point, plus 700 Hz audio filter
  • Over 200 machine placed SMT parts, and about 55 user installed parts
  • All critical circuits are factory pre-aligned and calibrated
  • No endless “back menus”; There is a control or switch for every function
  • Options include pre-wound toroid coils, precision optical tuning encoder, and complete factory assembly

Pricing Information 5/24/2021

TR-25 Kit $250.00
Factory Wired and Tested Add $60.00
Pre-wound and prepared Toroids Add $18.00
Precision optical encoder Add $30.00


Now available for purchase




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