X6100 is an ultra-portable shortwave transceiver. It adopts the SDR software radio platform architecture of excellent performance, which carries powerful baseband and RF unit, integrating rich and diversified operating functions, bringing you a brand-new recognition and experience on amateur radio. With its compact structure and tiny appearance, you can immediately set forth on a journey with it, get close to nature and enjoy the fun of outdoor communication.


– HF/50MHz full mode (supporting data communication)

 – Transmitting power: External power supply: 10W | Battery power supply: 5W

 – 4″ high-resolution color touch screen, 800*480

 – Built-in 3500mAh lithium battery

 – Built-in automatic antenna tuner

 – Integrated SWR scanner, voice pager

 – Integrated modem, preset message, CW automatic call

 – Native Bluetooth/wifi function, enable wireless audio/keyboard & mouse operation

 – Integrated USB line control/transmission, supports USB HOST

 – Standard high stability TCXO internal clock source

General Specifications:
Frequency Receiving: 0.5MHz~30MHz, 50MHz~54MHz
Frequency Transmitting: 1.8~2.0MHz, 3.5~3.9MHz, 5.3515~5.3665MHz, 7.0~7.2MHz, 10.1~10.15MHz, 14.0~14.35MHz, 18.068~18.168MHz 21.0~21.45MHz, 24.89~24.99MHz 28.0~29.7MHz, 50~54MHz
Operation Mode: USB/LSB (J3E), CW (A1A), FM (F3E), RTTY(F1B), AM (A3E)
Minimum frequency step: 1Hz
External power supply voltage: DC 9.0V~15.0V
Frequency stability: ±1ppm (20 minutes after start)
Antenna port impedance: 50Ω
Antenna interface type: BNC
Transmission power: External power supply: 10W | Battery power supply: 5W
Current consumption: Standby: 550mA (Max) | Transmit: 3.0A (Max)
Overall dimensions: About 180*86*49mm

Transmitter Specifications:
Stray suppression: ≥60dB
Carrier suppression: ≥40dB
Sideband suppression: ≥50dB
SSB frequency response range: 300Hz~2700Hz( -6dB)
FM modulation frequency offset: ±5kHz
Microphone impedance: 200~10kΩ (600Ω in general)
Antenna tuner tuning impedance range: 12.5Ω ~ 200Ω
Antenna tuner initial tuning time: ≤10s
Antenna tuner tuning read time: ≤0.1s

Receiver Specifications:
Receive sensitivity (10dBS/N) (PRE=on, ATT=off, NB=off,NR=off, SSB/CW/AM = 10dB S/N, FM = 12dB SINAD)

0.55 – 1.79MHz / 10uV
1.8~27.999MHz 0.20uV 2uV
28~30MHz 0.20uV 2uV
50~54MHz 0.20uV 2uV

Digital Specifications – ADC: 24bit
Digital Specifications – Spectrum display bandwidth: 96kHz
Digital Specifications – NR signal-to-noise ratio improvement: ≥6dB
Digital Specifications – Spectrum refresh rate: 25 frames/s
Spectrum background noise: -140dBm
Audio output 0.5W ( 4Ω, ≤10% THD)
2kBDR (Critical frequency suppression): ≥110dB
RMDR: ≥85dB
IMD3: ≥95dB
MDS: -138dBm



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