Episode 360 – Chip Angle – N6CA

Chip Angle, N6CA, harnessed an early interest in the bands, VHF to microwave, as a passion that continues to this day.  While he is active on every band, Chip pays special attention to low noise receiver performance on his radios that work well above 10 GHz.  This attention to detail and training from the aerospace industry allowed Chip to start his own company building low noise preamps, filters, duplexers, and other hardware ultimately used by government including NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  N6CA shares his ham radio story in this QSO Today.

CA Home Page
Hometown: Santa Monica, California 
First License: Novice, 1959, WV6GUY
Favorite mode: CW or Morse Code

First Rig:
BC348 Receiver
EF Johnson Viking Adventurer Transmitter
Folded Dipole Antenna 

Current Rig: 
Elecraft K-Line
Elecraft Transverter
Ten-Tec 565 Orion 2 28 MHz IF
Direct Conversion Downconverter 10Ghz to 28 Mhz
Frasier 10 GHz Beacon
900 Miles Contact Record, 10GHz 

ARRL Handbook 1957
Boy Scouts of America
40 Meter CW
Pallasades Amateur Radio Club
Transistor, 1 Watt 80 Meter Transmitter
Crystal Set Receiver
John, WA6LMO from the History of the San Bernardino Microwave Society
Gladys Kravitz
FCC Los Angeles Office
Bewitched,  Television Show 
CQ Magazine
QST Magazine
The World Above 50 Mhz 
1296 Band or the 23 Centimeter Band
JJ Glass Surplus
APX6 Transmitter
US Navy Electronic Tech
US Navy Radar Class Electronics Tech
Electronic Counter Measures
US Navy Engineering College
Hughes Aircraft Company
Northrup Laser Lab
Sporadic E Layer
6 Meter F2 Mode
FT-8 Digital Mode
Oscar 6 Satellite
Oscar 7 Satellite
144 MHz Transverter SSB
Angle Linear Corporation
U310 JFET Transistor
2N4416 FET Transistor
GasFet Preamp
Cavity Filter
Combine Bandpass Filters
Mir Space Station
Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards Air Force Base
MRI Scanner Machine
JPL -Jet Propulsion Lab
Mauna Loa Volcano
Hepburn Propagation Prediction
Q65 Digital Mode – Ideal for microwave
Vertical Slot Antenna – 24 slot 
Microwave Update
Dubus Microwave Book
Bridgeport Mill
M&K Metal Block Aluminum
WR-90 Waveguide
Microwave Contesting and Roving
N6CA Repeater 1283 Mhz, Mt. Wilson, Los Angeles
 Cactus Intertie
Robin Critchel WA6CDR, co-founder of the Cactus Intertie
Kenwood TM531 1296 Transceiver
San Bernardino Microwave Society
North Texas Microwave Society
Southern California DX Club
MIT RAD Labs Books
Crimp Connector
Repeater Builder Website

Advice to new or returning hams: Have fun, meet nice people, and find a club. 

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N6CA Operating Position
N6CA Workbench
N6CA 1283 Repeater
Frasier Mountain 10 GHz Beacon

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