Released SDRuno 1.41

SDRuno Roadmap

Updated 13th September 2021

Version 1.41 of SDRuno®  is the latest full production version.  The remaining features along with other priority requests are now planned for the next releases as shown below.
Please note that this is a significant change to the roadmap with the features previously scheduled for 1.43 brought forward to 1.42 and the main features for 1.42 pushed to release 2.0. There are very good reasons for doing this as an efficient new remote network server/client requires major architectural changes to SDRuno and at the same time re-engineering SDRuno as a cross-platform solution also requires some major re-architecturing and significant re-writes of much of the code. To do this separately would be very inefficient and time-consuming, but combining them allows us to accelerate the development of release 2.0:

(please note – we don’t publish forecast dates of when these versions will be released to production.)


  • Memory Panel updates (if blank use current value)
    • RF Gain
    • IF Gain/AGC enable
    • Scanner Threshold
  • Scanner updates
    • Lockouts in a separate file
    • Statistics logging
    • Use memory panel threshold
    • Improved/faster memory panel scanning
  • Custom controls
    • SP2 Filter bandwidth
      • Up to max available SP2 bandwidth for RX mode
    • User defined Band framing buttons
  • Start-up tips


  • Cross Platform (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
    • This will support both x86 and the new Mac M1 architecture if practicable
  • New Remote Server (cross platform)
  • Built-in SDRuno TCP client
  • Add Hamlib support for non-Windows platforms
  • GUI update – ability to lock panels together




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