Japanese radio amateurs ask for reports of Z-Sat

Yasutaka Narusawa JR2XEA of the Komaki Amateur SATCOM Club reports the satellite Z-Sat is planned to launch on an Epsilon rocket at 0048-0059 GMT on October 1. It will be sending CW on 145.875 MHz.

On the AMSAT Bulletin Board Yasutaka JR2XEA writes:

Komaki Amateur SATCOM Club has an amateur radio station in Komaki City, Japan.

The 50 kg class infrared observation microsatellite “Z-Sat” developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will be launched by the Epsilon rocket on October 1st.

After satellite separation, Z-Sat will start transmitting CW beacon of VHF band.

The beacon signal is in Morse code and contains information such as satellite battery voltage.

This information is very important as survival information immediately after the satellite is put into orbit.

Therefore, if you can receive the beacon signal from the satellite immediately after the satellite launch,

We would appreciate it if you could report it.
jr2xea <at> nagoya.so-net.jp

Komaki Amateur SATCOM Club’s Twitter is open at the following address. Information on Z-Sat transmission frequency, data format, orbit TLE, etc. will be released in the future.

We look forward to your attention to Z-Sat.

Z-SAT on IARU Frequency Coordination page

AMSAT Bulletin Board https://www.amsat.org/amsat-email-lists/




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