Episode 379 – Julian White – OH8STN

Julian White, OH8STN, operates outdoors in Finland’s Arctic Circle and records, on his popular YouTube Channel,  his expeditions with his compact but sophisticated simulations of grid down communications.  Julian is a natural teacher and his channel may be one of the best ways to understand how and what to pack to take into the wild.  OH8STN is my QSO Today.

OH8STN Website
OH8STN YouTube Channel
Julian’s Channel Motto:   “ Maximize Capability, Minimize Gear”

Shortwave Listening
BBC Worldwide
Canadian Broadcasting
Science Fair Radio Kits
Timex Sinclair Computer
AX25 Packet Radio
Egyptian Radio and Telecommunications
Metadata Databases
Airsoft Youth Club Finland
Airsoft – like paintball
Airsoft Milsim Sweden
Boy Scouts Scandinavia
Lapland, Finland
Baofeng UV5R Portable
Icom IC-705 QRP Transceiver
Xiegu G90 HF Transceiver
Lab599 Discovery TX500 QRP Portable HF Transceiver
Veritex Standard VX-1210 Manpack HF Transceiver
Solar Panel Charge Controller
Raspberry Pi Computer
JS8Call Digital Mode
WinLink – HF to Email
WinLink Express
Microsoft Surface Go
ALE digital mode – Automatic Link Establishment Mode
Ion2G Software
Grid Down Communications 
Faraday Bag
EMP – Electromagnetic Pulse
Yaesu FT-891 HF/50 MHz Transceiver

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now:  the amateur community does not understand the questions asked by the public.  We have to do better to communicate our value. 

Excited most by: new breed of QRP Radios like the IC-705, TX-500,  and their accessories.  

Advice to new or returning hams: Experiment, make some goals, experiment, test, get out in the field. 

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OH8STN “Bunker”
​with wood burning stove
Winlink Portable Operation with Icom IC-705
Lab599 Discovery TX-500 HF Portable Transceiver
Xiegu X5105 Portable HF Transceiver

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