5-Band Frame Anetnna – How to Made

“The Frame antenna is not a new idea. It was used during the world wars. Due to its dimensions it can be used in restricted space like balcony, portable or indoors conditions. Frame antenna in this video works on 80M, 60M, 40M, 30M and a bit on 20M.”




Tadiran SDR-7200HH

Tadiran SDR-7200HH

The Tadiran SDR-7200HH is specifically designed for dismounted soldiers, providing them with voice and data communications together with command and c… Read more

LDG Z-100PLUS/IC-705

LDG Z-100PLUS/IC-705

Auto Ant Tuner with 2000 Memories Pkgd For IC-705 The Package is IC-705 Ready and Includes The Following: 8 Heavy Duty AA Batteries Icom IC-705 I… Read more

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