Episode 380 – Jack Purdum – W8TEE

Dr. Jack Purdum, W8TEE, licensed since 1954, is a prolific author of at least 17  books on computer programming languages and microprocessor projects for amateur radio and is now the Microcontroller Editor at CQ Magazine.  This episode is  part of my series of interviews to introduce you to QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo Speakers.  Jack and Al Peters, AC8GY, are now prolific creators of Arduino projects and gave a presentation last August 2021 on building an HF SSB/CW software defined transceiver, called the T41. W8TEE is my QSO Today.

Jack Purdum Books
Beginning C for Microcontrollers: Making Electronics Dance with Software[
C Programming Guide, Jack Purdum

Mentor: Chuck Ziegler, W8FTQ

First License: Novice Age 11, 1954, KN8MGT
General Class Upgrade:  1955

Novice Station: 
2 tube novice transmitter modeled after Ameco
Hallicrafters S40B Receiver
40 Meter Dipole Antenna

Current Rig: 
FlexRadio Flex6400 HF Transceiver
QRP-Labs QCX Transceiver
Xiegu G-90 HF QRP Transceiver
NorCal40 QRP Transceiver
BITX40 QRP Transceiver
uBITX QRP Transceiver
Stealth Mode End Fed Wire Antenna

Crystal Set
Collins S Line
Hometown: Modayn, Ohio
Cleveland Federal Building
9:1 Balun
Barker Williamson Coils
Muskingum College, SE Ohio, BS Economics
GRE Econ Exam
Ohio State College, MA Economics
LSAT- Law School Administration Test
Altair Computer
Metz Computer – need reference
Sol 20 Computer
Z80 Processor    
8080 Processor
Northstar Basic Programming Language
C Programming Language
Lotus 123 Spreadsheet
Heathkit DX60 Transmitter
15 Meter Beam Antenna
Galaxy GT550 HF Transceiver
Amateur Radio Phone Patch
SSB – Single Sideband
“Catch as Catch Can”
Morse Code Tutor – Jack Purdum W8TEE
W8TEE – Electronic Keyer using Arduino Uno
Arduino Nano
Don’t get the Nano Pro-Mini
Beginning C for Microcontrollers, By Dr. Jack Pudum, W8TEE,
STM32 Microcontroller 
ESP32 Microcontroller 
Teensi Microcontroller
Java Programming Language
YACC compiler
CQ Magazine
Rich Moseson, W2VU, Editor CQ Magazine
Elgato Streamdeck
Atmega328p Microprocessor
Tim Deagan, KJ8U, in QSO Today Episode 334 
Al Peter, AC8GY
Presentation SSB/CW Software Defined Transceiver (Trunk Portable Transceiver) – T41EP (Experimenters Platform)
Double-Double” Magnetic Loop, W8TEE
Covid-19 Pandemic
Dr. Gordon Gibby, KX4Z
Ashhr Fanhan VU2ESE
Open Source Ventilator Control System
FDA – US Food and Drug Administration
Great Cincinnati Builders Group
Amateur Radio Repeater
FT-8 Digital Mode

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: attracting new members

Advice to new or returning hams: find out what’s new in ham radio, explore options, jump in. 

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AC8GY/W8TEE Double Magnetic Loop Antenna
AC8GY/W8TEE Antenna Analyzer
T41E SDR Transceiver Breadboard
W8TEE/AC8GY uBITX Transceiver

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