Alinco DR-PM300SE

Ideal for simultaneous calls on work vehicles such as heavy machinery and various cranes, and also as a base station for alternate calls! It is a professional specific low power transceiver that can separate each part.

Specified low power wireless / Simultaneous call between 2, 3 and 4 parties and alternate / relay / connected relay support
Technical standard conformity certification acquisition model

Open price

  • All 47 channels of extra small radio, simultaneous call between 2, 3 and 4 parties and alternate / relay / connected relay, all call modes supported by our extra small transceiver are adopted.
  • All-in-one package of wireless part including antenna, operation part, microphone, DC cable, mobile bracket. 
  • The antenna, wireless unit and connection cable are IP65 / 66/67 dust resistant, jet resistant and immersion resistant, and can be permanently installed outdoors. (The operation unit and microphone are not waterproof.)
  • Equipped with the latest noise canceling function that reduces loud noise from environmental sounds.
  • The power supply automatically supports DC12V and 24V, and can be installed directly on large vehicles.
  • The attached stand microphone and the wireless part with an antenna both use a magnet base, making installation easy without special tools.
  • Both speaker and earphone types can be used for the separately sold wireless microphone that enables the built-in noise canceling function. (Speaker microphone EMS-87B is for alternate calls only. Howling occurs during simultaneous calls, so it cannot be used.)
  • Equipped with all the special small standard functions such as VOX, callback (self-voice monitor), compander, dual operation, and the liquid crystal display can be selected from 10 colors.
  • The wireless part and the operation part are connected with the accessory 5m or optional 10m cable. The operation panel can be further separated and installed with the separately sold 5m EDS-9 separate kit. Also, if you use the separately sold separate coupler EDS-34 and LAN cable, the operation panel can be separated up to 100 m, so you can flexibly respond to any installation location and application, such as installing the wireless unit in a high place to expand the call area. ..
  • Intuitive Japanese display, ACSH that automatically sets the channel and group talk number you are currently using, including all set mode items, wirelessly set the master unit to the second and subsequent DR-PM300SE The air clone that can be copied is adopted to minimize the trouble of setting.
  • The stand microphone uses a flexible type with a magnet mount base that is easy to install. The latest noise canceling function built into the DR-PM300SE surprisingly reduces environmental noise. The PTT is equipped with a switch-type hands-free specification, a microphone switch that can cut the microphone gain and microphone sound in 7 stages. The microphone switch is used when you want to temporarily cut the transmitted voice without dropping the other party’s or group’s call during simultaneous calls.
  • The built-in speaker has a built-in speaker with a large volume of 2W, and an optional Bluetooth wireless microphone can also be used.

[Estimated call distance]
● Flat ground without obstacles such as riverbed: Alternate call 1km or more / Simultaneous call 800m
● Places with many obstacles such as urban areas: 800m / 600m
● Building: Structure It varies greatly depending on the building materials, the presence or absence of installed crops, and so on.
* Measurement conditions: A wireless unit is installed on the roof of a passenger car, and communication is performed between this unit powered by a 12V battery and the DJ-P300 mounted on the waist.
* Alternate call is 10 mW, simultaneous call is common to 2 to 3 people. At 1mW continuously (10mW is almost the same for simultaneous calls)

[Components of DR-PM300SE]

* All prices are for spare reference.

[DR-PM300SE] -Operation
unit (on-board unit type body) -Wireless
unit (antenna and unit)

[EBC-66] Open price
-Magnet bracket for mounting the wireless unit
(disassembled at the time of shipment. The top image is wireless It is in a state where the part and the bracket are screwed together.)

[EMS-924] Open price
・ Stand microphone 1-axis 4-pole plug / magnet stand
* A magnet base is used to prevent it from tipping over, but it is a wall. There is a risk of falling if it is installed in a vertical place. Do not install vertically except in offices and other places where there is no vibration. Even in a place where there is no shaking, we will not be able to compensate for malfunctions or other damages when falling.

[EDS-40S05] Open price
-Connecting cable between operation unit and wireless unit 5m

[Accessories / power cable] See image
-DC cable (approx. 3m): UA0038AY 1,320 ( 1,200) -Mobile
bracket for operation unit (metal fittings only) : FM0078A 990 ( 900)
・ Mounting screw set (spare screws are sold separately)
・ Mike windshield for EMS-924: FG0855 1,100 ( 1,000)



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