Global Radio Guide: Summer 2022

Global Radio Guide

During times of crisis, radio hobbyists turn on their radios and tune to the shortwave “Global Radio” bands for context, perspective, and insight into events from around the globe. With the Russian-Ukrainian war raging on and tensions continuing to rise in other world hotspots, radio hobbyists are still following the latest news from the front lines using shortwave broadcasts and other radio services.

You can also follow these international events like the pros do, but you need an accurate and comprehensive radio guide to know where and when to tune in to hear the action.

Teak Publishing is proud to announce the release of that all-important radio resource. the Global Radio Guide (GRG) 18th edition (Summer 2022) e-book, by Amazon bestselling author Gayle Van Horn W4GVH.

This Amazon ‘electronic’ book is your ticket to travel the international Global Radio bands. The heart of this publication is a 24-hour station/frequency guide with the latest Summer A22 (March 27, 2022-October 29, 2022) broadcast schedules for selected AM band, longwave, and all known shortwave radio stations. This unique resource is the only radio publication that lists by-hour schedules that include all language services, frequencies, and world target areas for over 500 radio stations worldwide.

New in this 18th edition of the GRG is a cover story on the resurgence of shortwave radio broadcasting in Eastern Europe by Ken Reitz, editor of The Spectrum Monitor magazine. Ken looks back in time at another Russian invasion in Eastern Europe, the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia, and found many parallels with shortwave listening then and now. Next, GRG regular Fred Waterer explores in detail the shortwave broadcast lifeline by the world’s broadcasters to get information into Ukraine.

If listening to distant AM radio stations interests you, two articles for the AM beginner and antenna construction project by Loyd Van Horn W4LVH will help you expand your horizons. ARRL propagation weekly bulletin editor Tad Cook K7RA explores various radio resources in his Radio 101 Guide to Radio Propagation. Features on Modern Shortwave Listening and Crossover Radios round out this edition’s feature section.

Regular columns with the latest radio news, DX shortwave program listings, and radio station Internet websites are included in this new edition. There are also introductory articles for the beginner on shortwave radio bands, and new frequencies/services added to the exclusive Teak Action Band list of HF non-broadcast radio stations.

Regardless of the language(s) you speak, Global Radio listeners are routinely entertained with unique perspectives on events, music, culture, history, and news from other countries that you will not see or hear on your local or national broadcast channels. Global Radio broadcasts are not restricted by country borders or oceans and can travel thousands of miles, reaching millions of listeners worldwide, now in over 300 different languages and dialects.

Using this guide you can regularly hear shortwave broadcast stations in many languages from hotspots such as China, Cuba, India, Iran, North/South Korea, Taiwan, and many other counties. Whether you use a shortwave radio receiver or an Internet connection, this unique radio resource will let know when and where to listen to radio stations from around the globe.

This book will have wide appeal to amateur radio operators, shortwave radio hobbyists, news agencies, news buffs, educators, foreign language students, expatriates, or anyone interested in listening to a global view of world news and major events as they happen.

Whether you monitor shortwave radio broadcasts, amateur radio operators, or aeronautical, maritime, government, and military communications in the shortwave radio spectrum, this book has the frequencies to help you to hear it on your radio. Teak Publishing’s Global Radio Guide truly “brings the world to you.”



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