Antenna Genius

Did you know that Antenna Genius can be combined into a super switch matrix, expanding on the number of either antenna ports or the number of radios?

The antenna ports can be expanded to 16, 24 or 32.

The number of radios can be expanded to 4 or 6.Also, a new firmware release is around the corner. Version 4.0 is rewritten from scratch to make it even more robust, powerful and easy to use.A new feature will expand the number of relay output boards (OM modules) to a total of 96 relays (6 OM modules).

Flexibility, upgradeability and easy replacement of the RF switching board make Antenna Genius unique. It‘s the most advanced HAM switch on the market today.

4O3A designs and manufactures high-quality accessories and TCP/IP controlled solutions for your shack. Our flagship Genius line of products are designed specifically to eliminate station complexity, reduces cost and improve operator efficiency. Created by world-class contesters and engineered for reliability, they can push your contest scores higher.




Works with Flex Radio

Works with Flex Radio

Applications that work seamlessly with your Flex Radio. Any comments can be sent to the Flex Community  FlexRadio Mestro Flexradio Power Amp. 1.5KW   Read more

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