Retevis RT9000D High Power Transceiver 4/2/1.25/70cm

Retevis RT9000D

High power RT9000D mobile transceiver provides more longer transmission distance than other radios suitable for flat areas, such as countryside, plains, woods and long distance roads.

Range Data for our practice:Mountainous up to 6-20km,urban up to 8-18km,Rural up to 8-20km,Plain up to 20-50km;The actual distance is determined by the specific environment

  • Mobile radio with 200ch and 50 CTCSS 1024 DCS for more communication options; cut off extra calling from other radio.
  • You can communicate with mobile radio and walkie talkie regardless of brand by being on the same frequency and CTCSS
  • Voice-activated and the signal will be transmitted automatically;can free your hands and make driving more convenient
  • High power long-distance communication ensure greater signal transmission distances between fleets
  • Clear front screen design with 5 setting button and function button is easy to customize all functions
  • 9 level professional squelch makes the call sound quality clearer in a noisy environment
  • Microphone with keyboard can settings on PC or manual input directly

Microphone with keyboard

Microphone can control almost all functions, provides great convenience to your driving on the road.

–switches between VFO and channel mode

–transmitting the desired DTMF signaling by the numeric key directly

–pull down the side switch to lock position,the lamp is turned off and all of keypads is not work except PTT switch.

–squelch off,short calling, squelch level,frequency/channel scan,TOT



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