Baofeng HT’s

Selling as a lot $300 or individually. See prices beside each item and select what you want. Perfect for hunt camps, large family events etc. Some items shown in picture NOT included. Shipping NOT included.
4x Baofeng UV-5R with drop in charger, Hi-Cap battery $50 each
4x Alkaline battery packs w/1 dummy installed $20 each
1x 12 volt battery emiminator for UV-5R $15
1x Baofeng G-T3P with drop in charger and 2 batteries $50
2x plug in speaker microphones $25 each
4x Retivis Tactical ear microphones $45 each
1x Hi-gain tape measure antenna $10
1x Hi-Gain flex antenna $15
1x magnetic mount vehicle antenna $10
2x APRS data cables $25 each
1x cross repeater cable $15
No trades. If you are reading this add then they are still available. The list will be amended as items sell off.

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