Kenwood TS-120 with Issues

This TS-120 has seen lots of service over the past 30+ and has issues, but perhaps with the right owner it could be restored to make a fine backup radio, or perhaps used for parts for another restoration project. Once repaired, the TS-120 would also make a great radio a new HF operator.

The unit does transmit and receive ok but has the following issues that I noticed (could be more):

  1. Needs an alignment as the unit is off frequency
  2. The Band Selector switch has issues. Seems as though rotary switch can be positioned between bands and requires an adjustment to get it back in place
  3. The relay/s may be dirty or require replacement as the receive audio drops-off after transmitting. A couple of clicks with the mic will correct this.
  4. Transmit power was initially tested with full output (see pic) but then seemed to drop off when tested again later on RTTY (perhaps the relay)

In any case, this is not a plug and play radio, but it’s not ready for recycling quite yet. If you have the time and knowledge this could be a great winter project.

The radio will require a microphone; a MC-50 was used for testing purposes and is offered for sale separately.

Thanks for looking.

73 Don VE7DXE


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